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I love writing. I write long emails, long chat texts, long code comments. Some of my rants are epic. Sometimes I'm amazed that my colleagues have the patience to read it all 🙂

Yet I’ve neglected my personal blog. This happens because Twitter fulfilled my needs for shitposting and for code I ended up creating snippets as Gists, many of which are private, meant for colleagues.

No more. I dusted off my blog and will commence a regular posting schedule.

This blog is about programming, but take note that I don’t do just functional programming, or just Scala. Today’s article is about imperative, Promise-driven JavaScript.

Website Yak Shaving #

Like all professional software developers that want to write more, I started with yak shaving by updating my blog:

  • Migrated from Middleman to Jekyll for generating my static website
  • Changed the design from something homemade to a modified brianmaierjr/long-haul; design should be responsive on mobile phones
  • Disabled comments, replaced widget with an email address — if you want to talk with me about my articles, we can do so in private
  • Automatic thumbnails for Vimeo/YouTube videos, enabled for Twitter/Facebook cards; expect more videos soon
  • Integration of MathJax for math formulas
Video link (open on

If you find anything broken, please let me know.

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