1. Asynchronous Programming and Scala
  2. Fixing scala.collection.Iterator
  3. Why scala.collection.Traversable Is Bad Design
  4. Add to NewsBlur Bookmarklet
  5. Monix Task vs Scalaz vs Future, The Benchmark
  6. Akka & Monix - Typelevel Summit, Oslo 2016
  7. Monix Task - flatMap(Oslo) 2016
  8. Avoid Javaisms: Mocks, Stubs, DI is Code Smell
  9. Monifu vs Akka Streams
  10. Scala Best Practices
  11. Resources for Learning Scala
  12. Towards a Better AtomicReference
  13. JVM Multithreading: Monitor Locks and Visibility
  14. Notes On Javascript Client-side Development
  15. On Scala, Functional Programming and Type-Classes
  16. How To Build a Naive Bayes Classifier
  17. Data Mining: Finding Similar Items and Users
  18. Blogging Platform for Hackers
  19. Crawling the Android Marketplace
  20. Android Learning Resources
  21. Earning Money as an Amazon Affiliate
  22. 4 Books For Learning to Design, The Hard Way
  23. How I Use Flickr: For Backup
  24. Why I Find Heroku Suboptimal
  25. Cross-Domain, Cross-Browser AJAX Requests
  26. I hate NULL and all its variants!
  27. FreeSWITCH - Tips for Creating a Dialer
  28. Using the Best Tools in Programming: Not Really Doable

Noteworthy Projects

  • Monix: reactive programming for Scala and Scala.js
  • Task: A diverging design from Future and Scalaz Task
  • Scala Best Practices: an open effort to establish the standard
  • Shade: a Memcached client for Scala