1. Functional Programming Inception - Bucharest FP
  2. Asynchronous Programming and Scala
  3. Fixing scala.collection.Iterator
  4. Why scala.collection.Traversable Is Bad Design
  5. Add to NewsBlur Bookmarklet
  6. Monix Task vs Scalaz vs Future, The Benchmark
  7. Akka & Monix - Typelevel Summit, Oslo 2016
  8. Monix Task - flatMap(Oslo) 2016
  9. Avoid Javaisms: Mocks, Stubs, DI is Code Smell
  10. Monifu vs Akka Streams
  11. Scala Best Practices
  12. Resources for Learning Scala
  13. Towards a Better AtomicReference
  14. JVM Multithreading: Monitor Locks and Visibility
  15. Notes On Javascript Client-side Development
  16. On Scala, Functional Programming and Type-Classes
  17. How To Build a Naive Bayes Classifier
  18. Data Mining: Finding Similar Items and Users
  19. Blogging Platform for Hackers
  20. Crawling the Android Marketplace
  21. Android Learning Resources
  22. Earning Money as an Amazon Affiliate
  23. 4 Books For Learning to Design, The Hard Way
  24. How I Use Flickr: For Backup
  25. Why I Find Heroku Suboptimal
  26. Cross-Domain, Cross-Browser AJAX Requests
  27. I hate NULL and all its variants!
  28. FreeSWITCH - Tips for Creating a Dialer
  29. Using the Best Tools in Programming: Not Really Doable

Noteworthy Projects

  • Monix: reactive programming for Scala and Scala.js
  • Task: A diverging design from Future and Scalaz Task
  • Scala Best Practices: an open effort to establish the standard
  • Shade: a Memcached client for Scala