A Return to Blogging

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I like writing about my personal projects and about programming in general. Helping others learn programming seems to be my calling. I rarely write on this blog, however, but I'm trying to change that.

When writing, perfect is the enemy of good. I’ve noticed this time and time again: the need for an article to be perfect, the need to go in depth, is what’s preventing me from creating more content. And social media is antithetical to good writing, pushing us to regurgitate shallow thoughts that have no lasting value. It’s back to blogging for me.

So expect more … words, words about programming, personal projects and the life of a software developer, published on this blog.

This blog is undergoing a re-organization/simplification. For those that follow my RSS feeds, I apologize if your feed reader is seeing older items as unread.

If you’re a software developer, you should have a technical blog. Technical writing improves code documentation and all your communications with colleagues or customers.

Write on your own domain name. My domain is 13 years old by now, and online platforms have risen and fallen during this time, while my blog is still here and will still be here in another decade, happily receiving visitors that find it via search engines.

And remember, cool URIs don’t change! Don’t let your website die, or its articles vanish. Treat your website as a long term personal project that pays dividends. Choose cheap and long-lasting hosting — you want your website to wait for you while you’re on a break. For this reason alone, websites compiled with a static website generator (e.g. Jekyll, Hugo) are the best for us.

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