Akka & Monix - Typelevel Summit, Oslo 2016

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Akka & Monix: Controlling Power Plants - my presentation from the Typelevel Summit, Oslo, 2016:

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Abstract #

This talk is about my experience in dealing with modeling behavior by processing asynchronous soft realtime signals from different sources using Akka, along with Monix, the library for building asynchronous and event-based logic.

It’s an experience report from my work in monitoring and controlling power plants. We do this by gathering signals in real time and modeling state machines that give us the state in which an asset is in. The component I worked on is the one component in the project that definitely adheres to FP principles, the business logic being described with pure functions and data-structures and the communication being handled by actors and by Observable streams. I want to show how I pushed side effects at the edges, in a very pragmatic setup.

This presentation will focus on Akka best practices, the wiring needed for describing purely functional state, along with a presentation of Monix Observable and how that helps.

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