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Native, MacOS:

Native, Linux:

Native, Android:

Recommendation: Newsblur #

Newsblur is probably the best:

  • Mobile client included for Android/iOS, OK for tablets, readable, auto Dark Mode, good integration
  • Organizing with multiple categories per feed
  • Newsletters forwarding support
  • Filtering via “infrequent articles” and training
  • Easy to migrate away

Self-hosted recommendation: FreshRSS #

FreshRSS is the best for self-hosting:

  • Very easy to install and manage via Docker
  • Responsive web design, can work on mobile without client
  • Exposes the Fever and the GReader APIs out of the box, compatible with Reeder and other clients


  • Feeds can’t belong to multiple categories, making organization hard
  • Filtering support for dealing with noise is only rudimentary
  • Couldn’t find any Android clients that I liked (FeedMe is close)

Resources #