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Shortcuts #

  • C-c a show agenda
  • C-c C-t rotate state (change TODO to DONE)
  • C-c C-s schedule
  • C-c C-x p set property (e.g. STYLE to habit)
  • M-x org-time-stamp-inactive for inserting the current date

For clock timing:

  • C-c C-x C-i: start clock
  • C-c C-x C-o: stop the clock
  • C-c C-x C-d: display times
  • M-x org-resolve-clocks

Repeated tasks #


Using a +1m says the date shift is exactly one month:

** TODO Pay the rent
   DEADLINE: <2005-11-01 Tue +1m>

Using ++1w shifts the date by at least one week, but also by as many weeks as it takes to get this date into the future. However, it stays on a Sunday, even if you called and marked it done on Saturday:

** TODO Call Father
   DEADLINE: <2008-02-10 Sun ++1w>

Using .+1m will shift the date to one month after today:

** TODO Check the batteries in the smoke detectors
   DEADLINE: <2005-11-01 Tue .+1m>




  • the task is supposed to be finished on that date
  • the agenda for today will carry a warning about the approaching or missed deadline


  • you are planning to start working on that task on the given date
  • a reminder that the scheduled date has passed will be present in the compilation for today, until the entry is marked DONE