GNU Screen

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Cheatsheet #

Start a new session:


Start a new named session:

screen -S <name>

List sessions:

screen -ls

Re-attach session:

screen -r <name>

Main commands:

  • Shortcuts menu: Ctrl-a ?
  • Command mode: Ctrl-a :
  • Detach session: Ctrl-a d

Window management:

  • Create a new window: Ctrl-a c
  • Kill current window: Ctrl-a k
  • Next window: Ctrl-a n
  • Previous window: Ctrl-a p
  • Jump to window: Ctrl-a 0-9
  • Split vertical: Ctrl-a |
  • Split horizontal: Ctrl-a S
  • Focus next region: Ctrl-a ^
  • Quit split screen mode: Ctrl-a Q

Custom ~/.screenrc #

shell -$SHELL

# Buffer size
defscrollback 50000

# Allow bold colors - necessary for some reason
attrcolor b ".I"

# Tell screen how to set colors. AB = background, AF=foreground
termcapinfo xterm 'Co#256:AB=\E[48;5;%dm:AF=\E[38;5;%dm'

# Erase background with current bg color
defbce "on"

# Enable 256 color term
term xterm-256color

# Very nice tabbed colored hardstatus line
hardstatus string '%{= Kd} %{= Kd}%-w%{= Kr}[%{= KW}%n %t%{= Kr}]%{= Kd}%+w %-= %{KG} %H%{KW}|%{KY}%101`%{KW}|%D %M %d %Y%{= Kc} %C%A%{-}'

## Control-^ (usually Control-Shift-6) is traditional and the only key not used by emacs
escape ^^^^
## do not trash BackSpace, usually DEL
bindkey -k kb
bindkey -d -k kb
## do not trash Delete, usually ESC [ 3 ~
bindkey -k kD
bindkey -d -k kD
# Hide hardstatus: ctrl-a f 
bind f eval "hardstatus ignore"
# Show hardstatus: ctrl-a F
bind F eval "hardstatus alwayslastline"