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Alexandru Nedelcu - My Scala Story
by Alexandru Nedelcu @
The Trouble with Checked Exceptions (2003)
by Bill Venners with Bruce Eckel
Writing a GitHub Action with Scala.js
by Antonio Gelameris
Real World OCaml
Lichess & Scala 3
by Thibault
This is not a Monad Tutorial
by John Azariah
Structured concurrency (2019)
by Roman Elizarov
Cats Effect 3.0.0
by Typelevel Contributors
OOP vs Type Classes (Slides, PDF)
by Alexandru Nedelcu
FP vs OO: Choose Two
by Brian Goetz
You might not need jQuery
by Adam Schwartz
Graphics for JVM
by Nikita Prokopov
Announcing .NET 5.0, C# 9, F# 5
by Richard Lander
Explicit term inference with Scala 3
by Meriam Lachkar, Vincenzo Bazzucchi, Scala Center
BSP Support in sbt 1.4
by Scala Center
Haskell: Monads. A 5-minute introduction
by Stephen Edwards
Countdown to Scala 3
by Martin Odersky
State of the Haskell ecosystem
by Gabriel Gonzalez
Category Theory for the Working Hacker
by Philip Wadler