Shared Links - page 2

What's the deal with humongous objects in Java?
by Stephanie Crater
Cats Effect 3.0.0
by Typelevel Contributors
Happiest Man on Earth
by Mingyur Rinpoche
OOP vs Type Classes (Slides, PDF)
by Alexandru Nedelcu
FP vs OO: Choose Two
by Brian Goetz
You might not need jQuery
by Adam Schwartz
Michael Jackson – They Don’t Care About Us
by Michael Jackson
Graphics for JVM
by Nikita Prokopov
Announcing .NET 5.0, C# 9, F# 5
by Richard Lander
Explicit term inference with Scala 3
by Meriam Lachkar, Vincenzo Bazzucchi, Scala Center
BSP Support in sbt 1.4
by Scala Center
Haskell: Monads. A 5-minute introduction
by Stephen Edwards
Countdown to Scala 3
by Martin Odersky
State of the Haskell ecosystem
by Gabriel Gonzalez
Category Theory for the Working Hacker
by Philip Wadler