VSCode workplace recommended extensions

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You can recommend the required VSCode extensions per repository to your fellow programmers. This is what VSCode calls “workspace recommended extensions”.

For example, if your project is a Scala project, maybe you want to recommend the extension for syntax highlighting, Metals, and others.

Add .vscode/extensions.json to your repository:

// .vscode/extensions.json
  // See http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=827846
  // for the documentation about the extensions.json format
  "recommendations": [
    // Scala IDE: https://scalameta.org/metals/

    // This package is already included by Metals (above), but if people
    // don't like Metals, then at least recommend syntax highlighting

    // Scaladex search for software dependencies

On opening the workspace, VSCode will recognize the file and ask if you want to install the recommended extensions:

VSCode asking you if you want to install the recommended extensions.
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