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I’m using for consuming RSS feeds. It’s a pretty cool service, however adding a new RSS feed from iOS proves to be a challenge and the “goodies” section provides no way for easily adding a bookmarklet for adding a feed.

The iPad itself makes it difficult to add bookmarklets, so here’s a tutorial:

  1. Go to and add it as a bookmark (click on the box with the arrow in it next to the Safari address bar)
  2. We need to edit the new bookmark: tap the address bar in Safari and you should see all bookmarks, press and hold on the new “” bookmark that you created and then tap “Edit
  3. Change the title to something like: “Add to NewsBlur
  4. Copy/paste the following text for the URL:

For the desktop you can also drag this link:

Add to NewsBlur

Here is the unencoded Javascript for your inspection:

(function () {
  var l = document.location+'';
  if (l.match(/^(?:https?:[/]{2}(?:www.)?)?
    alert("Cannot add itself!");
    window.location = '' + encodeURIComponent(l);


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