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This website does not collect personally identifiable information, and no cookies are installed that could be used to track visitors.

This website has a no-cookies policy. Third-parties used for providing the service may drop essential cookies; however, the implementation goes to great lengths to prevent that.

If you want to learn more about cookies, see the material at:
What are cookies? (


Analytics #

This website uses a self-hosted (first-party) Matomo instance for tracking users’ visits, with these characteristics:

  1. no tracking cookies are being set
  2. no tracking cookies will be created in the future without explicit permission
  3. IPs are anonymized
  4. collected data is used by the website’s owner for content optimizations, in full compliance of GDPR and CCPA, is never shared with third-party services, and will never be sold

Commenting #

This website uses a self-hosted Isso commenting server and widget, for allowing comments on articles.

The commenting widget collects your name, email, and website. Your email is for being notified in case of replies (optional feature), or for being contacted by the author, but only related to your comments. Your website is optionally collected in case you want to show to other readers who you are. This data, collected via the commenting widget, is only used for displaying and reacting to comments on the website. It will not be used for any other purpose, or given to any third-party.

Email Newsletter #

The website uses Mailchimp. Email addresses collected via the newsletter subscription are processed by Mailchimp, acting as a data processor.

The collected email addresses are used solely to deliver notifications on new articles being published.

Read Mailchimp’s Privacy Policy.

Cloudflare #

The website uses Cloudflare as a proxy for caching content, and protecting against DDoS attacks.

Cloudflare sets a cookie named __cfduid that’s restricted with HttpOnly and Secure attributes, meaning that it is secure, and other parties cannot access it. Cloudflare can identify users via this cookie, but they consider it a technical cookie that’s “strictly necessary to provide the service” (see Understanding the Cloudflare Cookies). We cannot opt-out of this cookie, all websites being served through Cloudflare have it.

Read Cloudflare’s Privacy Policy.

Video Players #

Some embedded third-party services might drop cookies (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo players); however, the website’s implementation activates “do not track” options whenever possible.


The address is changed periodically to avoid spam.